Sunday, March 1, 2009

With health- simple things mean a lot.

A new report from the London based World Cancer Research Fund has once again highlighted the importance of simple lifestyle measures that you can apply everyday. This report published last week estimates that 1/3 of cancers are related to poor diet and nutrition and lack of physical activity.

In other words by being on a healthy diet, getting enough essential vitamins and minerals and being physically active, your chances of getting cancer can be reduced by 1/3. This is apart from lower rates of heart disease and stroke that also comes from maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

It is important to be aware though that avoiding disease is in fact the result of a focus on being healthy. The principles of good health include eating foods that the body requires in the right amounts, drinking enough water (30ml’s/kg per day), being active on a regular basis (at least 30mins 4 times a week), and getting the right amount of sleep (avg. 8 hrs for most people).

Ok, so most of you reading this are saying to yourself “I already know all this.” There is an old Zen saying “To know and not to do is not yet to know.” The question then becomes how many of you really “know” this.

By applying these basic principles of DIY Health the body can attain optimal health. By being healthy it becomes less likely that you will develop any form of disease. It also means that you will have the energy and vitality to enjoy and get the most out of your life each day.

What are you going to do (know) today to improve your health.


  1. Hi Dr Joe,

    To improve my health, i am currently on a ten day liquid cleanse - mainly water with a few glasses of fresh juice, lemon water, honey warm water throughout the day!

    4th day into and feeling fine, combining it will some minor stretching, walking, and biking!

    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks

  2. Ensure adequate intake of vitamins and minerals you may need a supplement-good quality. Exercise is good.Also make sure you get 8 hours sleep and have some relaxation time each day Consider meditation too