Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Breakfast - The vital starter

A survey for Australian health insurer MBF revealed that 40% of Australian children miss breakfast on at least one day per week. Some 8% of children never ate breakfast.

We all know thatbreakfats is the most important meal of the day. We also know that with children going to scchool that their concentration,attention span and capacity to learn will be reduced if they don't have some "fuel in the tank" to start the day.

So what were the reasons given for not having breakfast. According to the survey the commonest reasons given were lack of time ,being too tired or couldn't be bothrered. To say that these are poor excuses is an understatement. On the plus side there is a simple solution to each.

For lack of time it may mean geting up 10 minutes earlier Breakfast doesnt have to be difficult to be nutrutious. Some fruit and yoghurt is fine Some rye or spelt toast is OK. if you want to invest a bit more time then rolled oats(cooked) or an egg is good too. It is not time consuming Make sure you have some water as well

Being too tired can be overcome by going to bed on time. As I have written before sleep is vital for the body and needs to be seen as being as imporatant as breathing and eating.

For those who couldnt be bothered the question really is how important is your childs health and development. It is vital for everyone to eat beakfast but even more so for growing minds and bodies.

No child should leave the house in the morning without breakfast(unless you are eating breakfast out). There is no excuse that cant be overcome.

Tip for the day
Simplest breakfast is seasonal fruit(banana apple whatever you like) with yoghurt and a sprinkle of rolled oats Ready in two minutes or less

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