Monday, March 2, 2009


We spend more time asleep than any other thing we do. It is number 3 after air and water and before food in the ranks of importance to the body Yet we often dont treat sleep time with respect and "borrow" from it to do other things forgetting to repay the debt

Last year, three separate studies showed the importance of sleep. At UCLA, it was demonstrated that there was an increase in silent inflammation of the body in people who did not get an adequate amount of sleep. Slow or silent inflammation is a critical component in the development of heart disease, stroke and various auto-immune conditions. A Japanese study showed lack of sleep as a separate risk factor for heart disease aside from blood pressure, cholesterol and all the others. Most interestingly was an American study which showed that when a county in Kentucky decided to push back the start of middle and high school by an hour, traffic crash rates for drivers aged 17 to 19 dropped 16.5% and of course, the students reported getting more sleep.

While asleep every part of the body is “active” except the conscious mind . Slow the mind down by reducing external and internal stimuli. It is the “chatter “ of the mind the keeps many awake.

Sleep in a dark quiet room with a comfortable bed . Wind down before going to bed . Consider candle burners with soothing scents ,soft tranquil music or guided relaxations. Tai chi, yoga and mediation can help as can some herbal teas .

Make sleep a priority in your life rather than something you do when everything else is finished .

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