Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Healthy you- Healthy budget

This is a quote from time Magazine
Total U.S. health-care spending in 2007 rose to $2.2 trillion, and the public portion is growing fast. "Medicare and Medicaid on their current trajectory cannot be sustained," Obama told a group of columnists aboard Air Force One.

The New York Times reports that $US 2 billion each year may be spent on unnecessary antibiotics

In all western countries the issue is the same .The so called “health system” is in reality a disease system and the money is actually spent on disease not health. For reasons unknown virtually no emphasis is placed on people being healthy .

The London based World Cancer research Fund stated that one third of cancers could be avoided(not treated) by people adopting better eating habits and being more active How simple is that?

This wont break the government budget or YOUR budget, which in the current economic environment is a big plus. You may even save on your food bill by eating less processed food.More importantly wouldn’t you rather be healthy than be “treated” for illness?

Above all else through adopting the DIY health principles you are likely to look and feel better

Tip for today
Try some nuts or seeds instead of a biscuit at morning /afternoon tea

Easy to do, minimal cost No fancy technology needed,9171,1880648-1,00.html

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