Sunday, March 8, 2009

Add some colour to your life

Whilst the” benefits” of pharmaceutical agents are studied and promoted intensively less research is done on vitamins and other natural products like spices and herbs .Part of the reason for this is that there can be no patent applied to something found in nature.

Yet there are many health benefits from naturally occurring substances particularly plants. This report ( see link) looks at turmeric It has powerful antioxidants . Curcumin, the component which gives turmeric its yellow colour has been shown to have an anti inflammatory effect in the body. It reduces the production of and activity of some enzymes involved in inflammation.

We know that many chronic diseases including heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and some cancers are the end result of slow inflammation. New research is going to be done looking at the use of turmeric to prevent Alzheimer disease .

You don’t need to wait for the results .Colour in the diet is really important Fruit vegetables herbs and spices add colour and variety to our diets Often the components which provide the colour are the active component that helps our bodies .In addition to this herbs and spices add flavour to food.

The ancients actually knew more about this than our modern scientists

Tip for the day

Add some colour to at least 2 meals

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