Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

Two years ago I had the pleasure of being in Hawaii on the Fourth of July. This was a family holiday and we were staying in Maui. This gave me the opportunity to see first hand some July 4 celebrations and also talk to people about the significance of July 4 to Americans.

Australia and The USA share some common background. The British colonized both and both are countries made up predominantly of migrants. Both have welcomed the diversity migrants bring to the countries. Australians and Americans have shared ideals and have served side by side to protect freedom in this world.

However, Australia never had to fight for its independence nor forge a constitution in the way the USA has done. Australia has never endured civil war.
There is something profound in having established a country through a war of independence. Whilst this was over 200 years ago (and 12 years before Australian settlement) the spirit, which has made America great, lives on today.

Being in the USA on July 4 made me understand better why Americans are as proud of their country as they are. Every country makes mistakes but the ability of the USA to learn from these and forge new ideas is unmatched.

I would like to wish all my American friends a happy Fourth of July.

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